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The Goucher College Athletic Hall of Fame Committee shall consist of the following 12 members:

1. Director of Alumnae/i Affairs or his/her appointee

2. Director of Athletics or his/her appointee

3. President of the Board of Directors of the AAGC or his/her appointee

4. Athletic Administrator

5. Sports Information Director

6. Faculty Athletic Representative

7. One female Goucher College Athlete Alumna, who has graduated after 1987

8. One male Goucher College Athlete Alumna, who has graduated after 1987

9. One Goucher College Athlete Alumna who graduated before 1987

10. One male head coach

11. One female head coach

12. Optional Ad Hoc Voting Member (e.g., member of the Goucher Community, retired coach, former President of Goucher College, Trustee, parent, professor)


The Director of Athletics shall serve as Chair of the Committee and preside over all meetings and the celebratory event. In the absence of the Director of Athletics, the Director of Alumnae/i Affairs or his/her appointee will act as chair pro tempore.

The term of the service for alumnae/i serving on the Committee shall be three years. An individual may serve two consecutive three-year terms of service in these positions. After two terms, the member must wait for at least three years before being eligible to serve again.

When the term expires for a member of the Committee, the Committee shall elect an individual to invite to serve for the successive term. Nominations will be entertained from within the committee. Those nominated must be consulted beforehand. Only the Chair of the Committee may nominate the individual whose term is expiring. If that individual is nominated, he/she shall not vote and shall be excused from the rest of the Committee’s presence during the election. If that individual is not nominated, he/she may remain and take part in the election as a Committee member.

Any individual who does not serve adequately, as discussed by and voted on by the Committee, will be replaced by substitute through a majority vote of the Committee.