Goucher eSports: League of Legends

Junior team captain Zack Palmer, senior Paul Ryu, sophomore Matteo Giunta-Fausty, sophomore Crockett Macnie and freshman Tasos Tagtalenidis
are ready to take on the Landmark Conference eSports: League of Legends

Do you want to join the fun and competition? For more information, contact Jen Macko at Jennifer.Macko@goucher.edu


League of Legends represents one of the first major eSports. With the rise of streaming platforms, such as Twitch, the large player base has accrued an impressive viewer base. Competitive tournament and massive viewership, culminate in the Riot Games World Championship, a landmark event for eSports. 

Goucher College League of Legends Landmark Conference club sport hopes to bring people together, growing and supporting eSports within the Goucher community and introducing them to the burgeoning world of competitive collegiate eSports.

They aim to establish a rich tradition of a welcoming, fun, deeply skilled and formidable group of players by accommodating various skill levels, facilitating consistent practice, and offering strong team oriented coaching to unite players.

2018-19 Esports Schedule

Overall 0-4
Pct. .000
Conf. 0-4
Pct. .000
Streak Lost 4
Home 0-0
Away 0-4
Neutral 0-0
Thu Jan 31
Juniata *
L, 2-0
* Conference
+ Multiple Leaders