Q&A With Goucher's Golf Coach

Q&A With Goucher's Golf Coach

TOWSON, MD – The Goucher College head men’s and women’s golf coach, Hunter Brown, sat down with Chi Tran, a sophomore Communications major at Goucher College, and spoke about everything from the start of his career to his favorite food.  The full interview can be found below:

Brown, who is the inaugural head coach for the Goucher men’s and women’s golf programs, was a Division I student-athlete at The University of Texas at Arlington and continued to play professionally in various mini-tours. Most notably, he was a Monday qualifier for the 2014 PGA Tour Valero Texas Open and a two-time DI Scholar All-American.

Brown and the men’s and women’s golf teams will begin competing in the Landmark Conference during the 2017-2018 season, which is the first season the Landmark Conference will officially host golf as a sport at the conference level.

The home course for the Gophers will be the Hillendale Country Club, located in Phoenix, MD. Play at Hillendale began in 1923 and since then “the Old Club,” as it is affectionately referred, has hosted events such as the PGA Tour’s Tournament Player’s Series (The Greater Baltimore Open), the Middle Atlantic Section PGA Professional Championship, and the Maryland State Golf Association’s Open Championship.

Chi Tran: How did you start playing golf?

Hunter Brown: My dad used to take me out to play on Mondays after he was done with work and that was one of my favorite memories from childhood. That is where my passion for the game really began.

CT: Has your experience with golf shaped who you are?

HB: In a lot of ways, the game of golf is a great allegory for life. The game has definitely taught me many lessons and it still continues to do so. Golf has instilled in me the importance of work ethic and maintaining perspective through the highs and lows in life.

CT: What is your favorite thing about coaching?

HB: The coaches in my life have deeply impacted me, so I have always had a huge appreciation for the role a coach plays in a players life. It is really an honor to now get that same opportunity to lead, direct, and positively influence student athletes.

CT: What are some golf experiences that have influenced your approach to coaching?

HB: Playing both collegiately and professionally is certainly a huge one. I also spent some time interning with College Golf Fellowship, a Christian ministry that works with college golfers and coaches, and the leaders and efforts of that organization have influenced me greatly.

CT: What do you look for in a prospective golfer?

HB: Aside from golf potential, I’m also looking for character and work ethic. Also, I only want players to come here if it is a great fit for them so I try to figure out what a student-athlete’s needs are and then see if I think we could be a good fit for them.

CT: What are your expectations for yourself as the first-ever golf coach at Goucher?

HB: To develop an environment where players are cared for and where they can learn, grow and succeed.

CT: What are your expectations for your new teams, with them being the first-ever golf teams at Goucher?

HB: I expect the team to work hard and handle themselves well on and off the course. If we can do that, I think we will be really pleased with our outcomes.

CT: What are you plans for team practices?

HB: I think it’s important to play a lot of holes. On most days, we will get out on the course and play. When I was a collegiate player, some of the best days of practice were when we would play little matches amongst the team so I definitely want to implement regular competition into what we do as well.

CT: What do you hope that your golfers will get out of their time at Goucher under your coaching?

HB: My main goal for our golfers is for them to leave prepared and equipped to go follow their goals and dreams. I want this experience to be something that really serves them well long term.

CT: Who is your favorite author and why?

HB: I really like to read so it is tough to pick one. A.W. Tozer has always been among my favorites though. He is a very perceptive writer who seems to always give an insightful analysis of the world.

CT: What’s your favorite food and why?

HB: Risotto. It takes a long time to make, but it has an amazing depth of flavor.