Goucher Receives NCAA Division III Ethnic Minorities and Women’s Internship Grant

Goucher Receives NCAA Division III Ethnic Minorities and Women’s Internship Grant

The Goucher College Department of Athletics is one of just 22 departments across the country to earn the 2018-20 NCAA Division III Ethnic Minority and Women's Internship Grant. The recipient of the grant is Erika Moyer, who started at Goucher earlier this month as the school's first Strength & Conditioning head coach.

The Ethnic Minorities and Women's Internship Grant funds full-time, entry-level athletics administrative positions for two academic years.

This grant is designed to provide financial assistance to the division's member schools and conferences that are committed to enhancing ethnic minority and gender representation in entry-level, intercollegiate athletics administrative positions.

At the beginning of the first year of the grant, the supervisor, mentor, and hired intern are required to attend an orientation at the national office in Indianapolis. This took place for Moyer and two other Goucher staffers - head women's basketball coach Andrea Preston and Director of Student Wellness Jean Perez - on July 26-27.

There, the group learned about the structure of the NCAA, how the legislative process works, and current hot topics in the NCAA. Grant recipients also took part in a networking session as well, while also talking with former grant recipients. They also completed DiSC Workplace assessments that compared the intern's styles with those of her supervisor and mentor.

"It was a great experience attending the NCAA orientation in Indianapolis last month," added Moyer. "The chance to meet and network with so many individuals making a difference in Division III athletics has made a lasting impact on me."

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