Goucher Gophers Activity Kit: Spring Edition

Goucher Gophers Activity Kit: Spring Edition

BALTIMORE, Md. - The Goucher College athletics department has released the first edition of its Goucher Gophers Activity Kit: The Spring Edition, featuring all the spring sports.
The Spring Edition features separate word searches for men's lacrosse, women's lacrosse and equestrian with combined word searches for men's and women's golf, men's and women's tennis and men's and women's track and field.

The second edition of the activity book featuring both the fall and winter sports will be released in the next couple of weeks.
Click On The Picture below to download each activity page:

                                  Equestrian                                                       Golf                                                 Men's Lacrosse   
                                     Roster                                                   Roster: M | W                                                 Roster                  


                                  Tennis                                                     Track & Field                                           Women's Lacrosse
                             Roster: M | W                                                    Roster                                                         Roster


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