Goucher Athletics Senior Spotlights And Athletic Department Awards Announcements Start This Week

Goucher Athletics Senior Spotlights And Athletic Department Awards Announcements Start This Week

BALTIMORE, Md. – Goucher College Athletics has announced that it will honor all spring athletes that had their season cut short due to COVID-19 starting on Monday. Each day, we will highlight a senior's athletic career with a "Senior Day" script, short highlight video and an updated biography in a website release. In addition, the release will be shared on Facebook and Twitter and the highlight video will be posted on our Instagram account.

We will do the spring sports in alphabetical order with the women's sport going first. Monday we will start with women's lacrosse and will be followed by men's lacrosse, women's tennis, men's tennis, women's track and field and men's track and field. Equestrian, a year-long sport, will be the final sport will do athletes individually. After equestrian, we will release short senior highlight videos for the sports that were able to have a senior day (field hockey, women's soccer, men's soccer, volleyball, women's basketball, men's basketball, women's swimming, men's swimming).

In addition starting in May, we will announce some of the department athletic awards (Neumann Award, Josephine E. Fiske Pride Award, Ruth Baird Thompson '31 Award, Robert Lewand Team Academic Award and the Coaches Award) In addition, we will announce the winners of the Web/Social Media awards that fans are currently voting to decide a winner. 

Release Schedule
Monday, April 27 – Alyssa Long (Women's Lacrosse)
Tuesday, April 28 – Katarina Molchen (Women's Lacrosse) / Competition Of The Year Vote
Wednesday, April 29 – Shannon Stull (Women's Lacrosse)
Thursday, April 30 – Gabrielle Umstead (Women's Lacrosse) / Highlight Of The Year Vote
Friday, May 1 – Nick Patterson (Men's Lacrosse) / Neumann Award
Saturday, May 2 – Andrew Sade (Men's Lacrosse)

Sunday, May 3 – Alex Shields (Men's Lacrosse)
Monday, May 4 – Matt Woodson (Men's Lacrosse) / Josephine Fiske Pride Award (Female)
Tuesday, May 5 – Ali Gorson-Morrow (Women's Tennis) / Freshman Performance Of The Year
Wednesday, May 6 – Kyoko Kinoshita (Women's Tennis) / Josephine Fiske Pride Award (Male)
Thursday, May 7 – Katie Marzerka (Women's Tennis) / Sophomore Performance Of The Year
Friday, May 8 – Mandile Mpofu (Women's Tennis) / Scholar-Athlete Award
Saturday, May 9 – Slade Dumas (Men's Tennis)

Sunday, May 10 – Michael Herman (Men's Tennis)
Monday, May 11 – Frankie Mullinix (Men's Tennis) / Ruth Baird Thompson '31 Award (Female)
Tuesday, May 12 – Gabby Blazek (Women's Track & Field) / Junior Performance Of The Year
Wednesday, May 13 – Anna Gallina (Women's Track & Field) / Ruth Baird Thompson '31 Award (Male)
Thursday, May 14 – Mia Taylor (Women's Track & Field) / Senior Performance Of The Year
Friday, May 15 – Michell Wolinsky (Women's Track & Field) / Robert Lewand Team Academic Award
Saturday, May 16 – Darby Bauer (Men's Track & Field)

Sunday, May 17 – Brandon Julot (Men's Track & Field)
Monday, May 18 – Victoria Wheeler (Equestrian/Women's Track & Field) Coaches Award
Tuesday, May 19 – Enoh Lee (Equestrian) / Game-Event Of The Year
Wednesday, May 20 – Cherise Madrid (Equestrian)
Thursday, May 21 –  Isabella Marini (Equestrian) / Video Highlight of the Year
Friday, May 22 – Courtney Sloan (Equestrian)
Saturday, May 23 – Anna Wright (Equestrian)

Sunday, May 24 – Field Hockey (Nolwenn Daniels, Danielle Johnson, Meghan Oakes, Alexyss Pawlak, Madi Resolme)
Monday, May 25 – Women's Soccer (Rebecca Hallamayer, Gracie LeFevre, Dani Sweet)
Tuesday, May 26 – Men's Soccer (Brandon Cohen, Dan Laurilliard)
Wednesday, May 27 – Volleyball (Virginia Estes)
Thursday, May 28 – Women's Basketball (Kerry Chun)
Friday, May 29 – Men's Basketball (Pat Goralski, Dwayne Morton)
Saturday, May 30 - Men's & Women's Swimming (Victor Garcia-Lara, Jacy MacConvery, Maddie Chism, Camilla Civiello, Sara Jordan, Meghan Lindsey, Megan Wells)

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