USILA Division III All-Americans

  Year Name Pos. Team
  2003 Reeves Craig GK Honorable Mention
  2004 Reeves Craig GK Honorable Mention
  2004 Chris Webber D Honorable Mention 
  2005 Reeves Craig GK Honorable Mention 
  2005 Chris Webber D Honorable Mention 
  2010 Justin Dunn D Honorable Mention
  2010 Matt Lynch M Honorable Mention
  2011 Justin Dunn D Honorable Mention
  2011 Matt Lynch M Honorable Mention
  2012 Matt Lynch M Third Team
  2012 Rory Averett A Honorable Mention
  2012 Kyle Boncaro A Honorable Mention
  2013 Connor Mishaw GK Honorable Mention
  2014 Pierce Ingram M Honorable Mention

USILA Division III Scholar All-Americans

  Year Name    
  2002 Qadir Stern    
  2007 Dan Flamholtz    
  2010 David Jadin    
  2012 Rory Averett    
  2012 Matt Lynch    

Landmark Conference Honors    

  Year Name
  2009 Kyle Boncaro Rookie of the Year 
  2010 Kyle Hannan Coaching Staff of the Year

All-Landmark Conference Selections

  Year  Name  Pos. Team 
  2008  Sam Fitzpatrick  First 
  2008 Dave Duff  First 
  2008 William Beaver  First 
  2008 Andy Nielson  First 
  2008 Brian Hoge  Second 
  2008 Alex Boucher  Second 
  2008 David Jadin  LSM  Second 
  2008 Austin Main  GK  Second 
  2009  Kyle Boncaro  First 
  2009  Brian Hoge  First 
  2009  Justin Dunn First 
  2009  Sam Fitzpatrick  Second 
  2009  Andy Nielson  Second 
  2010 Kyle Bonaco A First
  2010 Justin Dunn D First
  2010 David Jadin LSM First
  2010 Matt Lynch M First
  2010 Rory Averett A Second
  2010 Jake Fratella M Second
  2011 Rory Averett A First
  2011 Justin Dunn D First
  2011 Matt Lynch M First
  2011 Kyle Boncaro A Second
  2011 Zach Fratella M Second
  2011 Paul Taylor LSM Second
  2012 Rory Averett A First
  2012 Kyle Boncaro A First
  2012 Matt Lynch M First
  2012 Connor Mishaw GK First
  2012 Paul Taylor D First
  2012 Bryce Carson D Second
  2013 Bryce Carson D First
  2013 Pierce Ingram M First
  2013 Connor Mishaw GK First
  2013 Tristan Morris FO First
  2013 Zach Fratella M Second
  2014 Andrew Foster D First
  2014 Pierce Ingram M First
  2014 Sam Morgan A First
  2014 Owen Demmerly M Second
  2014 Steve Patterson DM Second
  2014 Karl Wiszumerski GK Second
  2015 Owen Demmerly M First
  2015 Sam Morgan A Second
  2016 Owen Demmerly   A Second 
  2016 Andrew Foster M Second 
  2016 Blake Russell M Second
  2017  Corey Hill M Second
  2018 Matt Woodson A First
  2018 Pierce Bailey M Second
  2018 Peter Cost D Second
  2018 Matt Messerle GK Second
  2019 Sam Gravel D Second

Capital Athletic Conference Honors

  Year  Name  Honor   
  2001  Kyle Hannan  Coach of the Year   

All-Capital Athletic Conference Selections

  Year Name Pos. Team
  1993  Bill Condon  Second 
  1993  David Clark  M Second  
  1994  Tyrone Coleman  M Second  
  1994  Bill Condon  D Second  
  1994  Tom Rose  A Second  
  1997  Tim Asher  A Second  
  1997  Keith Guinto  M Second  
  1998  Tim Asher  A Second  
  1998  Brent Grabill  A Second  
  1999  Tim Asher  A First
  2000  Qadir Stern  Second 
  2001  Mike Amash  GK  Second 
  2001  Phil Anthony  Second
  2001  Qadir Stern  Second 
  2002  Phil Anthony  A First 
  2002  Mike Medley  First 
  2002  Qadir Stern  Second 
  2002  Chris Webber  Second 
  2003  Reeves Craig  GK  First 
  2003  Ian Montgomery  Second 
  2003  John Hanley  Second 
  2003  Chris Webber  Second 
  2004  Reeves Craig  GK  First 
  2004  Chris Webber  First 
  2004  Pat Tracy  Second 
  2005  Reeves Criag  GK  First 
  2005  Dan Flamholz  First 
  2005  Chris Webber  First 
  2005  Ned Phillips  DM  Second 
  2005  Brent Shea  Second 
  2006  Dan Flamholz  First 
  2006  Tim Hamersky  First 
  2006  Brent Shea  Second 
  2007  Dan Flamholz  Second