All-Landmark Conference Selections

Year Name Team
2007 Galen Guindon (M) Second
2008 Tim McMullen (D) Second
2009 Galen Guindon (M) Second
2009 Evan Rosse (F) Second
2010 Andrew Bull (F) Second
2011 Elijah Lais (F) Second
2011 Brandon Weiner (D) Second
2014 Brandon Weiner (D) First
2014 Tate Becker (M) Second
2014 Nate Margolis (F) Second
2014 Lashaw Salta (M) Second
2014 Bryan Laut/Assistants Coaching Staff of the Year
2015 Daniel Hendry (GK) Second 
2016 Drew Phillips (D) Second 
2017  Scott Mt. Pleasant (D) Second
2017 Drew Phillips (MF) Second
2017 Brandon Cohen (F) Second
2018  Brandon Cohen (F) Second

Capital Athletic Conference Honors

Year Name Honor
2003 Gary Dunda Coach of the Year

All-Capital Athletic Conference Selections

Year Name (Pos) Team
1991 Percy Moore (F) First
1991 Steve Montgomery (F) Second
1991 Pat Prendergast (M) Second
1991 Purnell Saunders (B) Second
1992 Percy Moore (F) First
1992 Steve Montgomery (F) Second
1992 Seth Bachman (M) Second
1992 Pat Prendergast (M) Second
1992 Ian Dillner (B) Second
1992 Brian Garrahy (G) Second
1993 Percy Moore (F) First
1993 David Di Angelo (M) Second
1993 Pat Prendergast (M) Second
1993 Todd Covert (B) Second
1993 Ian Dillner (B) Second
1994 Percy Moore (F) First
1994 Seth Bachman (M) Second
1994 Pat Prendergast (M) Second
1994 Ian Dillner (B) Second
1995 Radcliffe Roye (F) First
1995 Jim St. Jean (B) First
1995 Ian Dillner (B) Second
1996 Chris Walton (F) First
1996 Brian Fortman (M) Second
1996 David St. Jean (B) Second
1997 Jeff Lowe (G) First
1997 David St. Jean (M) Second
1998 Jeff Lowe (G) First
1998 Billy Layton (FB) Second
1998 Nate Densford (F) Second
1999 Adam Hack (FB) Second
2000 Chuck Combs (FB) Second
2001 Logan Herring (FB) First
2002 Logan Herring (FB) First
2002 Rajan Pragani (M) Second
2003 Logan Herring (M) Second
2003 Nick Kiss (F) Second
2003 Tom Feuerstein (G) Second
2004 Brian Concklin (D) Second
2004 Adam Wrede (F) Second
2004 Kevin Bartruff (M) Second
2004 Eddie Emokpae (F) Second
2005 Kevin Bartruff (M) Second
2005 Gary Decker (D) Second
2006 Gary Decker (M) First
2006 Eddie Emokpae (F) Second