Landmark Conference Friday Focus: Emily Ruff

Landmark Conference Friday Focus: Emily Ruff

The Landmark Conference is full of talented student-athletes and the "Friday Focus" is just one way fans can get to know them. This week the conference introduces Emily Ruff (Easton, Md./Easton), Goucher women's tennis player.

Ruff just concluded her junior year at Goucher. She finished with 11 singles wins and 10 doubles wins this year. She was named Landmark Player of the Week on Oct. 14 after ending the fall with singles victories over Penn St. Harrisburg and Waynesburg.


Emily Ruff
Junior, Women's Tennis
Easton, Md./Easton
Major: Psychology and Economics 

Why did you choose to attend Goucher?
I chose to attend Goucher because of the opportunities I would have to study abroad and complete an internship before I graduated.

What has been the greatest part of your experience as a college athlete so far?
The greatest part of being a college athlete is how much I've grown as an athlete, a team member, and as a person.

Who has been the most influential person during your athletic career? Why?
My teammates. They have always motivated and pushed me to be the best athlete that I could be.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
In five years I see myself enrolled in a cognitive psychology doctoral program.

What is something most people do not know about you?
Most people are unaware that I am a bit of a clean freak.

Who was your favorite athlete as a child and why?
Cal Ripken because he was and still is the best Oriole of all time.


Rapid Fire

Favorite food: Blue Crabs
Favorite band/artist: Beyonce
Favorite TV show: Duck Dynasty
Favorite book: The Shining
Favorite movie: Good Burger
Favorite class you've taken: Human Learning and Memory
Favorite place to visit: New York City
Favorite sport (besides tennis): Baseball
Favorite holiday: Memorial Day
Can't live without: My dog Molly


Note: This story originally appeared on the Landmark Conference's official website