Women's Tennis Program Philosophy


Advantage – Goucher!

  • Goucher supports a two segment, full season approach for tennis which allows the team to take advantage of the full 19 week, 20 match NCAA schedule by practicing and playing matches in both the fall and the spring. 
  • Goucher’s players come from all over the country.
  • The team has a high number of roster spots each year to accommodate experienced players and recruits.
  • The college’s central location makes it possible for competition closer to home, resulting in less travel time from campus

Team Comes First

Goucher tennis is firmly rooted in the team concept and in building respect, trust, loyalty, work ethic, leadership and responsibility among team members.

The Coach’s Perspective

Coach Baum believes in integrating tennis with the overall mission at Goucher.  Players are encouraged in their course of study, abroad experience, internships and volunteer opportunities.  Tennis can be an integral part of learning independence, how to compete successfully, creating from difficult circumstances and pushing oneself to the limit.  Coach Baum’s team concept approach and consistency with carrying a large squad of players allows for flexibility in how to support each member’s personal and professional goals.