Field Hockey Costa Rica Trip

Field Hockey Costa Rica Trip

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Head Coach Stacey Eversley

The trip to Costa Rica was unforgettable, to be able to take your team abroad and experience another wonderful culture while playing is inexplicable as a coach. I loved white water rafting, the scenery in Costa Rica is surreal. We saw waterfalls and Macaws just flying around. The competitions were great. Again to play games with and against a team from another country was awesome. The games were competitive, the girls were having fun, and the crowd was so into it!  The thing I miss most - The warm weather!!!! JK I pretty much miss it all ; the food, the competitions, sightseeing etc. 


Maya Belin, Class of 2019

It mean a lot for me to be able to go to Costa Rica. It was an incredible experience that allowed for me to spend time with my friends and teammates. I would say that my favorite part of the trip was going white water rafting or zipplinning. I learned the difference between Costa Rican Spanish and other Spanish speaking cultures, and terms/sayings that are unique to them. The games in Costa Rica was amazing. It was cool to be able to see how they played and the difference techniques and skills that they used. The thing I miss the most about Costa Rica is the sights that we saw, everything was very beautiful especially the beaches.