Q&A: Meet Field Hockey's New GA, Maya Belin

Q&A: Meet Field Hockey's New GA, Maya Belin
  1. Name, Sport, College, Graduation Year, Undergraduate Major
    • Maya Belin, Field Hockey, Goucher College, 2021, elementary education
  2. How did you hear about the opportunity to be a GA at Goucher?
    • I was a player on the team and was working the Goucher All Sports Camp with Coach Eversley and we were discussing how it lined up perfectly that I would be able to become and the GA once the current GA graduated.
  3. What attracted you to Goucher?
    • I was attracted to continue because I loved being a part of the team during my fours and I was really excited to take the chance to continue to be a part of it and to help the players grow.
  4. What impact do you want to have on the program at Goucher?
    • Something that is really important to me that I want to help the girls with is having a positive mindset and making sure to always have fun. I think that this is something that I had to deal with and learned over my four years and I would love to be able to help them get to that space of a positive mindset.
  5. What do you like most about the team/Goucher so far?
    • My favorite thing about the field hockey team is how they are a family and are always there for each other even during this time of social learning.
  6. What are you hoping to learn while you are at Goucher?
    • While at Goucher I really want to learn different coaching techniques and know when to use them and learn how to read what players are going to need.
  7. What are your plans after getting your Master's Degree?
    • After getting my Master's Degree I want to teach in an elementary classroom and work with a field hockey team, whether it be the high school level, middle school level, or a club team.
  8. What is your favorite part of playing your sport?
    • My favorite part of playing my sport is being able to have fun and enjoy it. It is also something that I do with my brother and some of my favorite memories come from playing field hockey with him.
  9. What lessons did you learn from your playing experience that you want to instill in your student-athletes at Goucher?
    • I think the biggest thing I learned that I want to instill in my student-athletes is to always have fun and enjoy what you are doing. When you are having fun and loving what you are doing it makes the losses and hard times easier.
  10. Lightning Round: Favorite food, drink, sports team, and color
    • Pasta, lemonade, Orioles, purple