Q&A: Meet New Golf GA, Jan Jedlička

Q&A: Meet New Golf GA, Jan Jedlička

1. Name, Sport, Position (if applicable), College, Graduation Year, Undergraduate Major

My name is Jan Jedlicka, and my sport is golf. I am originally from the Czech Republic, but I graduated from Missouri Valley College in May 2020 with a bachelor's degree. I majored in Sports Management and minored in Exercise Science.

2. How did you hear about the opportunity to be a GA at Goucher?

I found out about the position thanks to a job posting on the NCAA website.

3. What attracted you to Goucher?

Mainly, it was the opportunity to work within the uniquely structured and consistently successful golf program that Coach Brown built at Goucher. Besides that, I was also excited about the possibility of living on the east coast.

4. What impact do you want to have on the program at Goucher?

I want to use my own experience with collegiate golf and golf coaching to add to the growth of the program, and to help the players become the best student-athletes they can be.

5. What do you like most about the team/Goucher so far?

So far, I have been the most impressed with how great everyone on the team has been in staying motivated to work on themselves even during these turbulent times.

6. What are you hoping to learn while you are at Goucher?

I hope to discover what it takes to be a coach on the collegiate level and to improve in all aspects of coaching.

7. What are your plans after getting your Master's Degree?

I want to stay in the USA for one more year after graduating and get additional work experience through the Optional Practical Training program for international students.

8. What is your favorite part of playing your sport?

There are so many – but to pick a very current one, the ability to play a sport while spending a wonderful socially-distanced time in nature!

9. What lessons did you learn from your playing experience that you want to instill in your student-athletes at Goucher?

I learned that the time as student-athlete flies by, so it is crucial to make the most out of every single day and be grateful for all the experiences along the way.

10. Lightning Round: Favorite food, drink, sports team, color, and type of music

Lasagna, espresso coffee, Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Heat, black, and rock/metal!