CAC Cross Country History

Year  Coach Conference Regional All Conference Selections
1991 Jacobs inc/5    
1992   5th/5 dnc Kevin Probst 10th place
1993   inc/5 inc Kevin Probst 6th place
1994 Caslin inc/5 inc Chris Menno 1st place
1995   2nd/6 30/35 Kevin Probst 2nd place, Russel Drylie 4th place, R.B. Brill 12th place
1996   4th/6 30/37 R.B. Brill 7th place, Russel Drylie 13th place
1997   3rd/6 16/37 Jeff Olenick 1st place
1998   4th/6 27/37 Jeff Olenick 5th place, Russel Drylie 9th place, Dick Howard 13th place
1999   5th/6 26/30 Jeff Olenick 1st place
2000   5th/6 21/34 Jeff Olenick 1st place
2001   5th/6 25/31  
2002   inc/5 inc Thomas Turner 15th place
2003   5th/5 30/35 Thomas Turner 11th place
2004   5th/6 32/34  
2005   5th/6 31/40  
2006   4th/7 29/39  

Landmark Cross Country History

2007   5th/8 33/41  
2008   7th/8 33/43  
2009   6th/8 32/45 Joey Negreann 14th place
2010   5th/8 29/47 Joey Negreann 2nd place
2011   6th/8 32/47 Joey Negreann 7th place
2012   8th/8 inc  
2013   6th/8 38/54  
2014   8th/8  inc  
2015   8th/8 inc  
2016   8th/8 inc  

Mid-East Regional Top 100 Finishes

Place Runner Nat. Qual. Year Honor(s)
3rd Jeff Olenick National Qualifier 2000 All NCAA Mideast Selection
7th Jeff Olenick National Qualifier 1997 All Mideast Frosh., All NCAA Mideast Selection
12th Joey Negreann National Qualifier 2011 All NCAA Mideast Selection
29th Chris Menno   1994 All Mideast Frosh., All NCAA Mideast Selection
32nd Joey Negreann   2010 All NCAA Mideast Selection
79th Thomas Turner   2003  
85th Joey Negreann   2009  
91st R.B. Brill   1997  
97th R.B. Brill   1996  
99th Russel Drylie   1998  
100th Thomas Turner   2002  

NCAA National Championships

9th Jeff Olenick   2000 All-American
97th Jeff Olenick   1997  
133rd Joey Negreann 2011  


1994 CAC Male Runner of the Year Chris Menno
1997 CAC Male Runner of the Year Jeff Olenick
1999 CAC Male Runner of the Year Jeff Olenick
2000 CAC Male Runner of the Year Jeff Olenick


Negreann 7th