Q&A: Meet New Track & Field/Cross Country GA, Brittany Lang

Q&A: Meet New Track & Field/Cross Country GA, Brittany Lang
  1. Name, Sport, Position (if applicable), College, Graduation Year, Undergraduate Major

Brittany Lang, Cross Country/ track and field, University of Maryland 2020, Communication Studies major

  1. How did you hear about the opportunity to be a GA at Goucher?

Coach Camodeca reached out to me, giving me details about the position

  1. What attracted you to Goucher?

I like that it is a local school where the team has a lot of potential and a lot of room for improvement as well. 

  1. What impact do you want to have on the program at Goucher?

I would like to be able to share all of the knowledge that I gained over my years as an athlete with all of the athletes here in order to help them navigate life as a collegiate athlete. Also, I obviously want to help them reach their full athletic potentials. 

  1. What are you hoping to learn while you are at Goucher?

I am hoping to learn my strengths and weaknesses while I try being on the other side of things as a coach instead of an athlete. 

  1. What are your plans after getting your Master's Degree?

I do not have a total plan right now, I am hoping to use the next two years to gain ideas from my peers at Goucher to see what path I would like to go down.

  1. What is your favorite part of playing your sport?

My favorite part about track and field is that it is an individual sport but team-oriented at the same time. So, while you are running your own event and working on your technique and strength for yourself, your performance still affects your teammates and the outcome of the team score. 

  1. What lessons did you learn from your playing experience that you want to instill in your student-athletes at Goucher?

The most important lessons I think that I learned were about time management and balance. You have to manage your time well in order to succeed at being a student-athlete, and you need to have a balance with other things in your life that bring you joy to help your mental health.

  1. Lightening Round: Favorite food, drink, sports team, color, and type of music

Favorite food: Ice cream, Drink: lemonade, Sports team: Ravens, Color, Purple, Type of music: varies