Q&A: Meet New Track & Field/Cross Country GA, Morgan Cheatham

Q&A: Meet New Track & Field/Cross Country GA, Morgan Cheatham

Name, Sport, College, Graduation Year, Undergraduate Major

Morgan Cheatham, Track & Field, Stevenson University 2019, Psychology Undergrad

How did you hear about the opportunity to be a GA at Goucher?

My former head coach at Stevenson, Coach Camodeca, was actually who I heard about the position from. He told me that there was a GA spot open for this year and that he would love to have me on the team. Based on the relationship and success we had on the track while he was my coach, it was an offer I couldn't pass up. 

What attracted you to Goucher?

Goucher is like a second home to me. I grew up in Maryland and went to high school not too far from the campus at Calvert Hall. I also have a few close friends who were student-athletes here, so I already knew the campus pretty well from visiting them all of the time.

What impact do you want to have on the program at Goucher?

I want to be able to come in and learn as much as I can in my first year. Being only a year removed from collegiate track, I feel like I can use that to my advantage and relate more to the athletes I'm coaching.

What do you like most about the team/Goucher so far?

From the athletes/coaches I've met so far, I really like how vocal they seem to be. I think communication is key on such a diverse roster like track & field.

What are you hoping to learn while you are at Goucher?

I'm hoping to learn the ins and outs of coaching. As a student-athlete, you don't really get a behind the scenes look at what goes into building a successful program. I just want to be able to gain as much knowledge as I can along the way and continue to build on my experience.

What are your plans after getting your Master's Degree?

After getting my degree, I plan on going straight into collegiate and/or professional athletics; either through coaching, sports information, athletic communication, or any other sports administrative position. Hopefully, I can make a career out of working with athletes, coaches, and staff like you all are doing for me right now.

What is your favorite part of playing your sport?

I think my favorite part about playing my sport was having the opportunity to travel and compete throughout the East coast with my teammates. Track gave me the opportunity to visit cities and universities that I may not have seen otherwise. I also enjoyed being able to compete against athletes from DI-DIII, which is something most DIII sports don't get the opportunity to do.

What lessons did you learn from your playing experience that you want to instill in your student-athletes at Goucher?

A lesson I learned from playing my sport is that you truly get in what you put out. Track is such a mental sport, and if you're training and taking care of your body the way you're supposed to, your mind and body have a way of rewarding you for it. It has taught me how much impact work ethic and consistency can have on helping me achieve my goals not only on the track but also in everyday life.

Lightning Round: Favorite food, drink, sports team, color, and type of music

Favorite food: Pizza

Drink: Water

Sports team: Los Angeles Lakers

Color: Olive green

Music: Hip Hop/R&B