Landmark Conference Friday Focus: Anneke Ossorio

Landmark Conference Friday Focus: Anneke Ossorio

The Landmark Conference is full of talented student-athletes and the "Friday Focus" is just one way fans can get to know them. This week the conference introduces Goucher women's lacrosse midfielder Anneke Ossorio (Lafayette, Colo./Kent Denver School).

Ossorio was a three-time Second-Team All-Landmark performer, and she ended her Gopher career with 92 goals, 177 draw controls, 127 ground balls and 70 caused turnovers. She had six multiple goal efforts this spring and ranked second on the team and sixth in the conference with 44 draws won. Three of those draw controls came in a 12-10 win over Drew on Senior Day which clinched Goucher's first Landmark playoff appearance in her four-year career.

Anneke Ossorio
Senior, Women's Lacrosse
Lafayette, Colo./Kent Denver School
Major: Chemistry

Why did you choose to attend Goucher?
I fell in love with its quirkiness, and it was a place where I could explore myself but still do what I love. Ultimately, as a senior, looking back on the whole college thing, I would not change anything. I think a great deal of who I am today is because of my college experience, and I like who I am.

What does it mean to you to be a NCAA Division III student-athlete?

I believe in a camaraderie between all athletes, but you really get to know the athletes in your division quite well. We are all here because we want to be playing the sport we love. There is a sense of pride that goes into it because you are not only doing what you love for you or your teammates anymore, you are doing it to represent your school as well.

What has been the greatest part of your experience as a college athlete so far?
The relationships I have built with my teammates. Years from now when I look back on my time in college, some of the best moments on and off the field were moments shared with my teammates. Your teammates are what get you through those practices when your legs feel like lead and time moves like molasses. Your teammates are what get you psyched after a sick play. They are the closest things I have ever had to sisters.

Who has been the most influential person during your athletic career? Why?
Probably Coach Miller. She has really done a great job rebooting the Goucher program since she took over and I have personally learned a lot from her knowledge of the game.

What was your most embarrassing sports moment?
In a conference game of my junior year, I was running full speed to catch a leading pass from my teammate. Next thing I know I feel my shoulder hit a body and I watch the ball bounce out of bounds as I continued to try and reach it. Once the play had stopped I looked back to see this body lying on the ground, in a black and white striped shirt. Of course it was the ref, I thought to myself. This particular referee already had one arm in a cast-type brace already and was now lying on the turf clutching her other wrist. I honestly never saw her! I felt terrible for trucking her.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
I would like to be teaching high school chemistry and coaching a school lacrosse team, or at least some sport team.

Do you have any pregame/pre-event rituals? If so, what are they?
Always got to have game hair situated properly. I pick one teammate at the start of the season and that teammate is going to braid my hair before every game for the rest of the season. Game day style depends on the current state and length of my hair, but game hair always involves a minimum of 3 cornrows.

What is something most people do not know about you?
I don't have an appendix.

Who was your favorite athlete as a child and why?
Mia Hamm. She was like wonder woman when I was growing up. Amazing athlete, soccer player, and mom! She was just huge as a female athlete.

How did you first get involved in your sport?
I think I started playing in 6th grade. I started playing because all the boys in my grade played so I started playing with them. Then, when their actual season started, I was told I had to play with girls. So my parents found a girls league and I played there and then for my school and a club team as well.

Rapid Fire

Favorite food: Blackraspberry Gelato with Chocolate Chips
Favorite band/artist: Zac Brown Band, Mac Miller
Favorite TV show: Game of Thrones, That 70's Show
Favorite book: The Glass Castle
Favorite movie: Gladiator, Braveheart
Favorite class you've taken: Medicinal Chemistry
Favorite place to visit: Da Beach
Favorite sport (besides lacrosse): Ice Hockey
Favorite holiday: Halloween
Can't live without: Cheese & Chocolate


Note: This story was originally featured on the Landmark Conference's official website on June 4.