Goucher Women's Lacrosse Participates In Clinic At The Maryland School For The Blind

Goucher Women's Lacrosse Participates In Clinic At The Maryland School For The Blind

BALTIMORE, Md. – Members of the Goucher College women's lacrosse team joined Parkville Adaptive Lacrosse and Towson High School men's lacrosse to put on the first blind lacrosse clinic at the Maryland School for the Blind on Thursday.

What did you learn from the experience?

"The athletes who I had the privilege of working with from the Maryland School for the Blind and Parkville Adaptive are not defined by their physical limitations, which is too often what society does. People should not be defined by the constraints in which they must live. They can instead be defined by their curiosity, their desire to learn, and how they use their experiences to shape those around them. Being part of something bigger than ourselves and bigger than our team was a humbling experience. Growing the game and increasing its accessibility to those who have before been excluded from its benefits are important initiatives to continue advancing." - Freshman Alex DiGiovanni 

"It was so incredible to get introduced to the phenomenal athletes. I think everyone was a little nervous at first, coaches and athletes but once we all started working together we found a grove and it ended up being such a fantastic experience. It made me so happy so see how excited each of them got when they caught a pass or made a shot. It was so incredible to grow the game with people who share the same passion for lacrosse that I do and want to make the game accessible to all." – Junior Shannon Stull

"Working with the athletes and coaches at Parkville has always been a highlight of my time at Goucher. The athletes I've gotten to work with are incredible people who prove every day that their different abilities are not limitations, just differences. They've taught me how to think about lacrosse in a new way that helps to grow the game and makes the sport I love accessible to more people. I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to work with the athletes of Parkville and Maryland School for the Blind and hope to continue this work to grow and foster the love of the game." – Junior Gabrielle Umstead

 "The students were absolutely amazing and I was completely blown away by their continuously positive energy and enthusiasm. Coach Cat (Thoreson) did a wonderful job of organizing this event with the help of Parkville Adaptive. I'm excited to be apart of a community that recognizes the talents of such unique individuals. Lacrosse is a great way to show young children that the sky is truly the limit!" – Goucher Women's Lacrosse Assistant Coach Michaela Duranti

What did it mean to represent Goucher College in the community?

"I was thrilled to represent Goucher women's lacrosse in an event like this one. I'm really proud to be on a team with a coach who believe that being a student-athlete is way more than just playing lacrosse, Coach Cat believes that as student-athletes we can make an impact that is bigger than just lacrosse and she always sets us up with opportunities to so." - Junior Shannon Stull 

"Goucher's ideals of inclusion, tolerance, and leadership are really central to me and have shaped my experience here. To be a part of the Goucher community means including everyone regardless of differences, and celebrating those differences in the process. Because of this, it meant a lot to me to bring these ideals to the community outside of Goucher through the sport of lacrosse."  – Junior Gabrielle Umstead