Q&A: Meet New Women's Lacrosse Assistant Coach Amanda Miller

Q&A: Meet New Women's Lacrosse Assistant Coach Amanda Miller
  1. Name, Sport, Position, College, Graduation Year
    Amanda Miller, Womens Lacrosse, Graduate Assistant, Monmouth University, 2018
  2. How did you hear about the opportunity to be a GA at Goucher? 
    I heard about the GA opportunity online. I was already in the Education Graduate program so I happened to be on the website and saw the opening.  
  1. What attracted you to Goucher?
    I grew up not far from Towson so I always knew of Goucher and thought it was a beautiful campus. I started looking into Graduate programs and Goucher's seemed to fit me best. Once I found the GA position and got to know the head coach, I knew the program would be a great fit for me. 
  1. What impact do you want to have on the program at Goucher?
    I want to help Coach Sarah positively grow this program and help our players not only grow into amazing players but amazing women as well.
  1. What do you like most about the team/Goucher so far? (it's okay if you can't answer this question because of lack of interactions)
    I have no met the team yet but I love Coach Sarah and her passion to grow the program.
  1. What are you hoping to learn while you are at Goucher?
    I am hoping to learn and see different perspectives of leadership being a part of a totally different program than I have ever been on. 
  1. What are your plans after getting your Master's Degree?
    My plans are to be a Special Education teacher. 
  1. What is your favorite part of playing your sport?
    I love the family aspect of being on a team. I am excited to have a different role on a college lacrosse team. 
  1. What lessons did you learn from your playing experience that you want to instill in your student-athletes at Goucher?
    Your college athlete years go fast and you are going to miss them so much when they are over- even the run tests. Don't take these years for granted. 

  2. Lightening Round: Favorite food, drink, sports team, color, and type of music
    Favorite Food: Watermelon - Favorite Drink: Iced Coffee - Favorite Sports Team: Ravens - Favorite Color: Pink - Favorite Type of Music: Country