NCAA Division III Week: Questions & Answers With Goucher Women's Soccer Head Coach Stephanie Ricketts

NCAA Division III Week: Questions & Answers With Goucher Women's Soccer Head Coach Stephanie Ricketts

Stephanie Ricketts finished her third season as the women's soccer head coach in the fall of 2019. A 2007 graduate of Goucher, Ricketts was a four-year starter on the women's soccer team as a goalkeeper and became the fourth player in program history to record 300 saves in her career. She has also been the advisor for Goucher's Student-Athlete Advisory Committee since February 2019.

Getting to Know You…

  1. Where's the next place on your travel bucket list and why?
    Spain- The culture and food look amazing and I've heard amazing things.
  2. What was the last show you binge-watched?
    Love is Blind on Netflix
  3. Do you have a favorite holiday? Why or why not?
    Thanksgiving because my entire family gathers to hang out and eat and there are no gifts involved for anyone to get caught up in.
  4. What song always gets you on the dance floor?
    Fire Burning
  5. Do you hit the snooze button or wake up immediately?
    Snooze all the way
  6. When making a PB&J sandwich, do you put on the peanut butter of jelly first?
    Peanut butter
  7. What can you eat for a week straight?
  8. Does pineapple belong on pizza?
    Depends on the day

WhyD3 Questions…

  1. What makes Division III special?
    The commitment to students-athletes being able to be well-rounded.  They are able to be competitive on the field while also being able to pursue academic opportunities such as internships and fellowships, and having the flexibility to study abroad.
  2. How did you get into (job title)?
    Some of the people who have influenced my life the most were my coaches (at all levels) and I've always wanted to be able to do the same.  I started coached young kids at the club level while I was a college athlete and worked my way up from there.
  3. What is the best advice you can give student-athletes?
    Enjoy your time competing and being with your teammates because it's over before you know it.

This or That…

  1. Morning, noon, or night? Night
  2. Burgers or tacos? Tacos
  3. Pool or ocean? Ocean
  4. Marvel or DC? Neither
  5. Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Wars