Division III All-Region

Year Name Team
2001 Cara Peckens (GK) Third
2010  Sisley Pumilia (M) Third
2012 Sherlanda Buskey (F) Second
2012 Lindsey Puopolo (M) Third
2018 Gracie LeFevre (F) Second

Landmark Conference Honors

Year Name Honor
2011 Sherlanda Buskey (F) Rookie of the Year

All-Landmark Conference

Year  Name (Pos.) Team
2007 Dee Moser (M) Second
2008 Sisley Pumilia (F) Second
2009  Kellen Matthews (GK) Second
2009 Sisley Pumilia (M) Second
2010 Sisley Pumilia (M) First
2010 Shay Kettner (F) Second
2011 Sherlanda Buskey (F)  Second
2011 Shay Kettner (F) Second
2012 Lindsey Puopolo (M) First
2012 Sherlanda Buskey (F) Second
2012 Kitty McIlroy (D) Second
2013 Caroline McDowell (D) Second
2014 Gaby Davis (M) Second
2015 Lexi Solazzo  First 
2015 Samantha Turner  Second 
2017 Isabel Suazo Second

Capital Athletic Conference Honors

Year Name Honor
1997 Sarah Weaver Player of the Year
2001 Cara Peckens Rookie of the Year

All-Capital Athletic Conference

Year Name (Pos) Team
1991 Dani Autenrieth (F) Second
1991 Sherri Malloy (M) Second
1991 Megan Schmelzer (B) Second
1993 Libby Snyder (F) First
1993 April Simonsen (M) Second
1993 Sherri Malloy (B) Second
1994 Sarah Weaver (F) First
1994 Sherri Malloy (B) First
1994 April Simonsen (M) Second
1995 Sarah Weaver (F) First
1995 April Simonsen (M) First
1995 Jessica Barry (B) Second
1996 Sarah Weaver (F) First
1996 Kristin Carey (F) Second
1996 Kate Conserva (B) Second
1997 Sarah Weaver (F) First
1997 Kate Conserva (FB) Second
1998 Alison Healy (F) Second
1999 Alison Healy (F) First
2001 Cara Peckens (GK) First
2001 Taryn Westendorf (M) Second
2002 Anne Calinger (M) Second
2002 Lindsey Sheaffer (FB) Second
2003 Anne Calinger (M) Second
2003 Katie Miller (F) Second
2004 Casey Whalen (M) Second
2005 Katie Miller (F) Second